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In order to satisfy as many as possible and to make the most of the diversity of the Moroccan landscapes, we offer about ten different trips through the whole country.
There are two types of tours : The Enduro tours and the Trail tours, and our itineraries take in account the seasons and the different regions.

Specifics :

Enduro tours :

For riders practicing Enduro tours and competitions. The itineraries are similar to those of the big French Enduro Classics plus the diversity of terrains you’ll enjoy in Morocco.

These itineraries demand a good physical condition as well as rudimentary knowledge of off-road techniques. We recommend to practice the Enduro motorcycle and / or another kind of sports before your stay with us.

Trail tours :

For riders with a little off-road experience and its big trails or other types of all terrain motorcycles. The Trail tours cross through the most beautiful regions of Morocco and we can add more difficult sections for more experienced riders.
For small groups ( ex: 4 people ) of beginners we can offer less difficult trails.

Day trip :

A one-day Enduro motorcycle trip, custom made according to the number of people and their skills

Customers :

For groups of 8 riders and for agencies specialized in motorcycle tours, we organize custom made tours

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